Train harder. Rid your body of pain and inflammation. Recover faster. Lose weight and cellulite. Burn up to 800 calories. Feel better, sleep better and have more energy. And it takes less than three minutes. Sound good? Ok, yes it’s also at -250F, but we’re sure you will love it just as many of the world’s top athletes, teams and celebrities already do!

Game ready

Game Ready® features innovative ACCEL® technology that synergistically combines active pneumatic compression and rapidly circulating cold therapy to do more than passively treat symptoms of pain and swelling. ACCEL gives you the therapeutic power to accelerate the body’s natural repair mechanisms by enhancing lymphatic function, encouraging oxygenated blood flow, and stimulating tissue healing.

Normatic pulse recover

Normatec® Pulse Recovery is used by the best athletes in the world on a daily basis. Whether you are looking to recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness, wanting to improve circulation, work out harder or just go faster… this is your tool. A typical 20-30- minute session allows you to kick back, relax and let your personal, on-call massage therapist go to work!

Aquatic therapy

There are two HydroWorx® 300 underwater treadmills in the entire Pacific Northwest. One is here, the other is in Eugene, Oregon at the Nike Oregon Project, which is home to America’s top distance runners. This is a great resource not only for increasing your athletic performance, strength and endurance, but for recovering from lower body injuries. Our pool is also an effective way to exercise if you suffer from joint pain or obesity that does not allow you to work out in a traditional manner.


Measuring your body composition in the BOD POD® is quick and easy. A complete test, including printed results takes five minutes. The BOD POD® is considered the Gold Standard for body composition assessment. This can be very useful information for planning out weight loss or weight gain strategies.

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